This is our Story

Millas Meadow

Life can take unexpected turns, and for our family, it led us on a journey we had never anticipated. Our world was forever changed the day our daughter Milla came into our lives. It reshaped our priorities, redefined what was important, and introduced us to a new kind of love. We became a special needs family, and today, we embrace that identity with pride and courage.
Milla, our bright and joyful daughter, also happens to have Down syndrome. She embodies resilience, exuberance, and the unquenchable spirit of childhood. Milla loves to play, sing, jump on trampolines, swing as high as the sky, and whirl around on playground spinners. Her laughter is infectious, and when she’s with her special friends, the world becomes a brighter place.

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Watching Milla and her friends  revel in the simple joys of play, we had a vision: a place where children with special needs, their siblings, parents, caregivers—families just like ours—could gather, bond, and experience the magic of play all year round. But to make this dream a reality, we need something special—an inclusive, sensory playground tailored to the unique needs of these extraordinary children. Furthermore, we will also include a space for the families to get some respite and enjoy a cup of coffee, not missing out on the magic happening around them.

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This is Our Goal

A Year-Round Sensory Playground

Our goal at Milla’s Meadow is bold and beautiful. We aim to create a year-round sensory playground specifically designed for children with special needs. This space will provide a unique form of stimulation, ensuring the engagement and safety of all children. It’s a place where typical siblings can play freely without causing discomfort or fear to their brothers and sisters with special needs.

What to expect?
• Structured and guided playtime for kids with special needs, adapted to the age and needs of the child;
• Family support, resources, and advocacy;
• Empowering children with disabilities through inclusivity, education, social connections, and support.

Through our commitment to inclusivity, education, social connections, and support, we strive to empower children with disabilities to reach their full potential, building a brighter future filled with opportunities and limitless possibilities. Together, we envision a world where every child’s abilities are celebrated, and they are valued members of a truly inclusive community.